The versatile new 20ft standard shipping container is the industry standard for portable storage and intermodal transportation. Our 20-foot dry shipping containers are easy to load, access and handle. Plus they can hold high-density products such as metal or dried grains and remain within weight limits. Our 20-foot dry shipping containers have about the same capacity as a one-car garage and fit well where space is limited. Multiple units can be used to keep products safely separated.

We offer a large selection of high-quality new and used 20-foot shipping containers, available for immediate sale and next-business-day delivery.


Interested in buying a 20ft shipping container?

We have competitively priced new 20ft shipping containers, in a range of grades available for sale, so can cater to your budget – you get to choose.

Need to buy a  20ft shipping container? We currently have  new 20ft shipping containers in stock ready for delivery. Our  shipping containers are constructed from high quality steel components, water tight, fully sealed and can be lockable. We supply a range of 20ft shipping container accessories that include, kitchens, bathrooms, air conditioners, side doors, windows, shelving, vents, etc. – custom 20ft shipping container sizes available upon request. The 20ft shipping container is designed to be weather & vermin proof, this is essential for long or short term storage solution as a safe and secure place for transporting or storing all your valuable items.

Containers also have the option of a lockbox for added security.


Exterior Interior Door Capacity
Length: 20ft. Length: 19ft. 4in. Width: 7ft. 8in. Gross: 66,139 lbs
Width: 8ft. Width: 7ft. 8in. Height: 7ft. 6in. Payload: 61,289 lbs
Height: 8ft. 6in Height: 7ft. 10in. Tare Weight: 4,850 lbs


  • Corten steel construction
  • Weatherproof design
  • Watertight construction
  • Ground-level entry
  • New containers are 30-ton-rated
  • Load-rated plywood flooring
  • Side vents for airflow
  • Securely closing cargo doors
  • Lock boxes available on new containers
  • Forklift pockets on new containers
  • Delivery available via tilt-bed or flatbed trailer, or by chassis. Note: delivery by flatbed or chassis requires a crane or forklift on site
  • Delivery requires 60 feet of space

New & used container sale. Cheap affordable new containers for sale.

All our  shipping containers are plated for shipping and most of our 20ft containers can be inspected and issued with a CSC plate before the sale.

20ft last way shipping containers (shippers’ own containers) are also available and ideal for one-way trip export to remote areas or for use by aid agencies.


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