The 40-foot shipping containers represent tremendous value, whether for portable storage or intermodal transportation. Our 40-foot storage containers are the perfect container solution for bulky or lightweight cargo or equipment. Machinery, raw materials, and excess inventory fit easily within the spacious 40-foot container, which features almost as much capacity as a two-car garage. Interport’s 40-foot containers can also be fitted out as mobile offices, classrooms, and a virtually limitless variety of other kinds of spaces.

We offer a large selection of high-quality new and used 40-foot shipping containers, available for immediate sale and next-business-day delivery.



Our 40ft shipping Containers are manufactured using high quality Corten steel, which is corrosion resistant and designed to stand up to the harsh rigours of sea conditions. Heavy duty corrosion resistant steel makes these units cargo worthy for as long as possible. On top of this, the containers are also painted to protect the steel as much as possible and extend the containers lifespan.

They are structurally sound, wind and watertight and have good quality door seals to provide an ideal storage environment.


40ft General Purpose Containers

Our 40ft shipping containers are the largest size that we offer for sale, they are suited for the same purpose as the smaller 20ft containers while offering double the storage capacity. They are available in either blue or green, with double doors at one end and four locking bars with waist high door handles for ease of use, these containers are built in China to the highest standards and used once to bring into the USA.

They come with a lockbox as standard, have 10 vents for optimal air ventilation and feature a high-quality marine plywood floor.

These containers come CSC Plated ready to be used as car



Exterior Interior Door Capacity
Length: 40ft. Length: 39ft. 5in. Width: 7ft. 8in. Gross: 66,139 lbs
Width: 8ft. Width: 7ft. 8in. Height: 7ft. 6in. Payload: 57,759 lbs
Height: 8ft. 6in. Height: 7ft. 10in. Tare Weight: 8,380 lbs


  • Corten steel construction
  • Weatherproof design
  • Watertight construction
  • Ground-level entry
  • New containers are 30-ton-rated floors made
  • Load-rated plywood flooring
  • Side vents for airflow
  • Securely closing cargo doors
  • Lock boxes available on new containers
  • Forklift pockets on new containers
  • Requires 120 feet of straight running room for delivery by tilt-bed truck. Alternatively, delivery by flatbed trailer or chassis is available but requires a crane or forklift on site


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